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AZFWThank you for the opportunity to introduce our Emergency Services Program (ESP). No one can know the future, but everyone can prepare for it!Commercial properties are at risk from a wide variety of natural and man-made emergencies such as:

  • Water damage from floods, burst pipes, sprinkler heads, appliance failures, sewer back-ups, etc.
  • Freezing
  • Severe storms, hurricanes, tornados or wind damage
  • Fire or smoke damage
  • Discovery of mold or other microbial contamination

Having an ESP in place if and when an emergency strikes will:

  • Contain and minimize the damage and reduce the severity of the loss
  • Reduce the cost to restore the property
  • Reduce the number of tenants out of the property
  • Dramatically reduce the possibility of lost tenants
  • Give property management staff a better understanding and control of the restoration process
  • Get the property back to normal operations faster and with less stress
  • Protect the health and safety of employees and occupants
  • Minimize interruptions to business operations
  • Prevent or minimize loss of income
  • Address Public Relations issues and protect your reputation
  • Enhance tenant/owner relations
  • Protect the public safety

This ESP will serve your facility before, during and after damage caused by storm, water, sewer, mold, fire and smoke. It is not a disaster plan, per se but should be considered as a component of your organization’s overall disaster plan.

Before: Having specific information on file at our office allows us to respond to any emergency at your facility with maximum efficiency.

During: We will respond faster and more effectively due to our prior knowledge of your facility and the information we have on hand regarding your building(s), personnel, operations, etc.

After: We provide a thorough debriefing after any emergency to review what happened and why, examine whether additional preventive measures should be implemented as well as review the restoration in terms of process, equipment utilized, costs, documentation and other details.

This is a living document designed to change with you and your business and it is recommended that it is updated twice per year.

The information you provide to us that is included in this ESP will enable us to respond and take action whenever any of these types of emergencies arise. We are also available to help or provide guidance during any emergency, small or large.

Having this ESP in place should provide a greater sense of security as a demonstration of your preparedness and that you have engaged a company dedicated to the on-going operation of your facility and that is there for you before, during, and after a loss.

Jim Doorley
Business Development Manager

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