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Water Extraction & Water Removal

Phoenix Water Damage Services

Exposure to water can cause serious damage to your home or office in a short period of time—that’s why it’s crucial to schedule water extraction as soon as a flood, leak, or other issue has been detected. At Arizona Fire Water Restoration, Inc., we specialize in water restoration serving Phoenix, including flood restoration, mold remediation, and other restoration services. We also recommend pre and post evaluation and testing.

Why You Need Professional Water Removal

Flood restoration is a multi-step process that requires complete extraction of water. This is because any moisture left behind can cause ongoing damage to your property, including raising its risk for a fire or inviting mold growth to take hold.

  • Complete water extraction often requires the removal of drywall, flooring, and even ceiling panels or built-in storage units. Neglecting to identify or address these areas will only leave them vulnerable to further deterioration or mold growth in the future.
  • Oftentimes, the source of floodwaters is not sanitary. Natural floods can carry with them water from a variety of sources, while sewage backups contain untreated wastewater. Improper water removal techniques can leave you and your family vulnerable to infection and respiratory disease.
  • After a severe flood, allowing areas and objects to air dry can take significant time. However, mold growth can appear quickly, even while you are trying to mitigate water damage. A professional water removal service has access to efficient water extraction and ventilation equipment that will prevent mold growth during the water restoration process.

Assessing Water Damage and Water Restoration Plans

The best water restoration plan for your property will depend on the type and extent of the water damage it has suffered. Your water extraction expert at Arizona Fire Water Restoration, Inc. has been trained to recognize the type of water damage affecting your property and develop the most effective water removal solution—please call us today at (480) 775-8000 to schedule restoration services for your Phoenix home or commercial property.

  • Minor water damage that has been caught quickly tends to affect only the materials most permeable to water. This type of damage has not penetrated deep into flooring or finishes and remains isolated in a small area.
  • More severe water damage may lead to high humidity levels that increase the absorption of water by fabrics, walls, and other materials. This type of damage can affect the entirety of a room, rather than an isolated area, and requires more extensive extraction techniques.
  • The most significant types of water damage typically occur after a natural flood or storm, when standing water has caused even materials with a low absorption rate to become saturated. These situations require extensive treatment and special techniques during the water restoration process.