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Our Core Values – P.A.C.T.

  • Positive Attitude – A Positive Attitude leads to Success and Happiness as a positive attitude helps you to cope more easily with the daily challenges of life we all face.
  • Accountability – When you are personally accountable, you stop assigning blame and making excuses. Being Accountable allows others to trust your commitments and intentions.
  • Compassionate – Compassionate means feeling or showing sympathy and concern for others accompanied by a strong desire to help alleviate the suffering. For AZFW, that means, from the time a call comes in until the day we receive the COC, each person along the way needs to demonstrate genuine caring by appreciating and understanding that what we are doing is more than work, we are Restoring Lives and Normalcy at a very chaotic and confusing time. We will treat EVERYONE with the kindness you would show your friends and family.
  • Take Initiative – Taking Initiative means you Think as a Team Member, NOT an Employee. Each Success of the Company is YOURS as well. People who take Initiative do not Stand Around, instead they Stand Out. Taking Initiative means doing more than is required of you. You become Exceptional!

Lyle Book Resume

Lyle leads one of the largest full-service restoration companies in Arizona.

The Resume of Lyle Book, President of Arizona Fire & Water Restoration, Inc.



Lyle Book has been in the construction industry since 1966. He started as a laborer in California and worked his way up to status of journeyman carpenter by the mid 1970’s. He has performed professional quality work and has hands-on experience in most construction trades. He was a supervisor for a Custom Homebuilder in Mesa, Arizona in the 1970’s. In the late 1970’s he started his own Construction Company in Mesa, Arizona, Oakridge Construction Company, and became the qualifying party. In 1985 Mr. Book joined the family business as a partner; Book & Sons Construction, Inc. His involvement moved the company into being a successful business in the damage restoration and reconstruction industry. In 2004 Mr. Book became the qualifying party for Arizona Fire & Water Restoration, Inc. In the past he has supervised field staff, prepares specifications, estimates and managed projects. He has been called upon to be an expert witness on several court cases involving construction failures and structure drying emergency services. Mr. Book has served as an umpire to mediate a mold related case for a major insurance company. He has also been appointed to be an appraiser to settle restoration estimate disputes. On numerous occasions Mr. Book has been hired to settle estimated cost disputes between an insured and the insurance carrier. He designed and built 2 of his own homes plus numerous other custom homes.



Lyle Book has received certifications from The Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification, IICRC in water damage restoration, fire damage restoration, smoke damage restoration and carpet/upholstery cleaning. He has completed the extended IICRC approved hands-on training from Cliff Zlotnik at the “Unsmoke House” in Pittsburg, PA for fire, smoke and water damage certification. This course provided the hands-on training of restoring an actual residence after a fire. In December 2000, completed the IICRC approved vortex (top-down) drying school at Chuck DeWald’s drying school in Tennessee. This course provided hands-on drying of an actual residence. Lyle received IICRC certification upon completion of this course. In January 2001 Lyle received certification from Restoration Consultants for completing the extensive 3-day hands-on mold and sewage school in Sacramento, California. This course included, among other issues, practices and techniques of handling mold situations in structures, containment, employee safety considerations in a mold environment, treatment techniques and methods, and working with microbiologists and environmental hygienists. In February 2003 Mr. Book completed and received the IICRC Certification for Applied Microbial Remediation Technician course dealing with mold and sewage losses. This course was a 4-day hands on class.


  • Fire Damage Restoration – 2-days IICRC Certified – Maximum Services by Rusty Amarante and Rick Love
  • Fire & Smoke Restoration – 3-days hands-on IICRC Certified – Unsmoke House by Cliff Zlotnik
  • Certified Restoration Technician – National Institute of Fire Restoration
  • Odor Control Technician – IICIC Certified
  • Advanced Fire & Smoke Restoration – IICRC Certified – Professional Seminars of America by Joe Dobbins
  • Advanced Odor Control in Catastrophic Restoration – IICRC Certified – Professional Seminars of American by Joe Dobbins
  • Remediation Technician (Mold & Sewage) – 3-days hands-on course – Restoration Consultants by James E. Holland, REA, CR, WLS and John Banta, B.A., IHIT, Senior Industrial Hygienist
  • Emergency Hands-on Drying – 3-days hands-on IICRC Certified – Specializing in Vortex Top-down quick drying & structure drying – Chuck Dewald’s Drying School by Chuck Dewald
  • Upholstery & Carpet Cleaning Technician – IICRC Certified– Steamway International
  • Applied Microbial Remediation Technician (AMRT) – 4-days hands-on course – IICRC Certified – Environmental Testing & Technology, Inc. – Peter H. Sierck


  • Xactimate Estimating Training – Xactimate Trainers
  • Advanced Xactimate Estimating Training – Xactimate Trainers
  • Drafting – Community College
  • Building Codes – Community College
  • Blueprint reading – Community College
  • Total Quality Management – International Association for Continuous Education and Training
  • Dale Carnegie Sales Course