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Our Core Values – P.A.C.T.

  • Positive Attitude – A Positive Attitude leads to Success and Happiness as a positive attitude helps you to cope more easily with the daily challenges of life we all face.
  • Accountability – When you are personally accountable, you stop assigning blame and making excuses. Being Accountable allows others to trust your commitments and intentions.
  • Compassionate – Compassionate means feeling or showing sympathy and concern for others accompanied by a strong desire to help alleviate the suffering. For AZFW, that means, from the time a call comes in until the day we receive the COC, each person along the way needs to demonstrate genuine caring by appreciating and understanding that what we are doing is more than work, we are Restoring Lives and Normalcy at a very chaotic and confusing time. We will treat EVERYONE with the kindness you would show your friends and family.
  • Take Initiative – Taking Initiative means you Think as a Team Member, NOT an Employee. Each Success of the Company is YOURS as well. People who take Initiative do not Stand Around, instead they Stand Out. Taking Initiative means doing more than is required of you. You become Exceptional!

Our Heritage

Arizona Fire & Water Restoration, Inc. is a full-service restoration contractor. We have a long, proud history of serving customers in the Valley of the Sun.

We began business back in 1952 with Warren Book at the helm of what was then W. W. Book General Building Contractor. In those early days, our business was building new homes, remodeling existing ones and restoring damaged properties at the owners request in the rapidly growing population in the Los Angeles area. This work would also include commercial and industrial projects.

Old Warren Book - AZ Fire & Water Damage Restoration Phoenix Blog
Warren was an engineering genius who was always thinking out of the box. He could take an architect’s scope of work to the next level by enhancing the main points and reduce the budget at the same time. He was also a master estimator and project manager.

Our Heritage - Warren Book - AZ Fire & Water Damage Restoration IncThen in 1972, Warren moved his family to the Valley of the Sun. He continued doing what he knew best, designing/building custom homes and remodeling plus commercial and industrial projects. The Phoenix metropolitan area was booming and people were coming here in droves. It was then that his son Doug started working in the business. Lyle, Warren’s youngest son, had been working in the business since the age of 15 cleaning job sites and moving construction material. It was then that the name was changed to Book and Sons Construction, Inc. Phoenix was on the move and so was Book and Sons Construction, Inc. Doug left the company to work for a local framing company. He left that after a few years to become a manager and then successful regional manager of a Taco Bell franchise in Arizona and then Oklahoma.

Lyle & Barbara Book - AZ Fire & Water Damage Restoration IncIn 1985, Lyle Book and his wife Barbara closed their successful remodeling business to become part owners of Book & Sons Construction, Inc. The business continued to design and build custom homes and remodel existing projects.

In 1990 the company designed and built a 6300-sq. ft. custom home located on Camelback Road. This unique two-story home used Poly-Steel Styrofoam-block exterior wall construction. Amenities included a very modern kitchen, 7 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms, exercise room, spa area, swimming pool, built-in BBQ, commercial-style laundry room and upstairs residential laundry room, and a 4-car garage. After construction started, the owners added a detached 2-car garage and shop. The final price totaled close to One Million Dollars.

At the invitation of the local G.A.B. office, the company began receiving work directly from insurance companies. Lyle became industry-certified in fire/smoke/water damage restoration, odor control and mold remediation.

LOur Heritage - AZ Fire & Water Damage Restoration Incyle soon redirected the company to become one of the finest full-service restoration companies in Arizona. Since then, Warren and Jane have retired. Lyle became President and the name of the company changed to Arizona Fire & Water Restoration, Inc. to better describe its business focus.

Today, Jane is fully retired and enjoying her free time enjoying family, taking care of her yard, being active in her church, socializing with her “red hat” group and visiting with friends.

Family values are important to Arizona Fire & Water Restoration, Inc., and that reflects in the work we do every day. When you’re deciding which contractor is best for your project, consider the most experienced, ethical and reputable contractor in the valley…choose Arizona Fire & Water Restoration, Inc.