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Commercial Water damage Restoration Tucson AZ

Commercial Water damage Restoration of your home or office Commercial after disaster strikes can be overwhelming. Let AZ Fire Water do the heavy lifting for you!

Having to deal with the aftermath of a fire is difficult for a few reasons. If you find yourself  cleaning up after a home fire, you will find that it is both mentally and psychically tough. You are looking at what may be left of your home or office from the Water damage. Arizona Fire and Water Restoration understands this is a difficult time and our team of professionals are trained to help you in every way possible.

While some fires are a total loss, not all of them are. If the fire is a total loss, there may be nothing, or very little, left to save, but many fires are not as serious. In some cases, there is little structural damage to the home. Even in those cases, there is usually significant smoke/soot damage to the Commercial of the home. When the Commercial of a home such as furniture, kitchen utensils, dishes, toys, clothing, bedding and draperies, or other personal items are damaged by smoke/soot mitigating the Water damage, cleaning and restoring the Commercial to its pre-loss condition is a job for our restoration professionals.
The first concern in every fire situation is safety for everyone entering the structure. Our professionally trained staff will take steps to make sure all workers and others entering the structure are safe. It is important to ensure the structure is sound before any evaluation is done or work begins.

Smoke/soot particles are Products of Incomplete Combustion (PIC). These are carcinogens that are considered to be dangerous. They can start to degrade Commercial of a home within just a few days, so dealing with them properly and immediately is the key in being able to salvage your belongings.

Once we have taken safety precautions the next step is to determine which items should be cleaned and where. Most soft goods such as bedding, clothing, and draperies will be taken to our facility for processing. Remaining items will be sorted as to whether the items are suitable for the restoration process or are to be thrown away. Careful records will be kept by our staff, of all discarded items for later consideration for compensation by the insurance company.

With restorable items, our staff may decide conditions in the home are severe enough to warrant removing the smoke/ soot damaged items to our controlled environment located at the office of Arizona Fire and Water Restoration cleaning. This process is referred to as a “pack out.” If this is done, careful records will be kept for items taken, location of the items, and condition of the items when removed. Inventory lists will be kept on stored items.

The staff of Arizona Fire and Water Restoration will evaluate the Commercial in every room to determine whether they should be replaced, or can be successfully restored to a pre-loss condition. Cost, sentimental value, and antique value are all considerations. In many cases, if items have not been damaged directly by the fire or by excessive heat, they do not need to be discarded. Luckily, they can be restored. One of our professionals will perform testing to determine the appropriate product and mix ratio to use on each content item.

Feel assured that we will use environmentally friendly products for all cleaning and the restoration processes.

Food items must be treated with caution. Any open items should be thrown away. Unopened items in original packaging that were away from the heat can be considered safe. If there is any doubt, throw the items away. Remember to keep an inventory of what is being thrown away.
Odor issues come with smoke/soot damage. The first step in getting rid of odors is to get rid of the source.. Once the restoration is complete, if there is still a small odor then an additional step may be added to the restoration process. This could include ozone or hydroxyl deodorizing, as appropriate.

Arizona Fire and Water Restoration is different than most other restoration contractors because we use an ultrasonic cleaning process. Ultrasonic cleaning allows :

  • Unmatched cleaning effectiveness (Cleans all cavities thoroughly)
  • Faster cleaning (means faster return of Commercial to our customers)

Arizona Fire and Water Restoration restores general Commercial, delicates, upholstery, high  value and scheduled items including electronics. At Arizona Fire and Water Restoration  our Commercial crew prides themselves on being able to successfully restore and salvage the most important items such as pictures(photographs) , heirlooms and small keepsakes .

IICRC Journeyman Textile crew member and a master certified fire and smoke restorer on staff allows for a more effective / accurate evaluation of each item when you need efficiency the most.

Arizona Fire and Water Restoration Commercial Team knows how valuable items are to our clients and our professionals know how to diligently handle the entire process.

What Arizona Fire and Water Restoration prides itself that we can efficiently clean :

  • Upholstery (sofa – love seats – recliners)-
  • Electronics Cleaning
  • Textiles (clothes) – Wedding Dresses
  • Photographs
  • Artwork


Arizona Fire and Water Restoration is proud to announce we have recently added – iCAT Modern Commercial software to our Commercial Department. iCAT Modern Commercial promises to enhance the customer experience.  



Our Commercial Crew will carefully load your belongings into labeled boxes which are then transported to our own temperature-controlled facility where they are stored in large, wooden vaults.

If during the restoration process you need access to one of your belongings, let us know. We’ll be able to locate it for you.



Just a small sample of the work that we do in our Commercial Department…



Arizona Fire and Water Restoration is proud to say that we are member of the…

RedStar is defining a new service standard for the Commercial Water damage Restoration Tucson AZ industry.

By utilizing specific management and job operations methodology RedStar contractors provide insurers with a consistent Quality Assurance Standard enabling adjusters to close claims faster.

RedStar’s have modern facilities and utilize state of the industry processing technology enabling them to offer more in-house services and faster turnarond.

The RedStar Commercial Services Network was established to provide insurers with a source high quality contractors and a genuine solution to inconsistent and substandard Commercial Water damage Restoration Tucson AZ practices.

So when it comes to your home or office and the restoration of your belongings…Arizona Fire and Water Restoration is the only choice!!