Decontamination and Odor Control

There is nothing that creates greater concern or is enshrouded in more mystery than the wide range of unsuitable odors and contaminants and the specific techniques to overcome them. Decontamination

Arizona Fire & Water Restoration, Inc. has many proven techniques to eliminate, neutralize or counteract odor contamination problems. Building odors are eliminated through our multi-stage odor decontamination process. When our specifications are followed, a complete deodorization takes place and a full N0-odor guarantee can be given.

If an unpleasant odor or contamination is the issue, call Arizona Fire & Water Restoration, Inc., the professionals who know how to get results!
DecontaminationDeodorization and Decontamination

Structure Decontamination and Sealant
Wall Injection
Surface Sealants
Thermo Fogging
Ozone Generator
Odor Counteractants
Duct Cleaning and Sealing
Mildew and Germ Treatment
Crime Scene Clean up
DecontaminationOther Decontamination and Odor Control Services

Fire Decontamination
Smoke remediation
Mal odor remediation
Dead Body Clean-up
Duct Cleaning and Deodorization
Ozone Oxidation Treatments