Hurricane Floods - Arizona Fire & Water Restoration, Inc.

Hurricane season is a complete nightmare because hurricanes can develop quickly and damage hundreds of properties. This damage is primarily by the water, which can destroy people’s homes and businesses. What are the potential problems that hurricane season can create and the after effects that may occur long after the damaged areas have been removed.

Hurricanes are highly unpredictable when it comes to their patterns one of the most difficult areas to predict their effects is on the coastline. High waves and storm surges can cause a constant threat for many communities along the shore. The storm surges can quickly ripple through the properties and spread through the areas and cause a significant amount of water damage. Another concern that has to deal with hurricane flooding problems is heavy rainfalls and flash flooding.

Hurricanes can create a serious problem; the streams in an area can quickly overflow their banks, which lead to flooding of homes and businesses. People can be overwhelmed by the fast-moving water that can only be worsened by the heavy rainfall. However, in urban areas the rainfalls can cause a dramatic increase in flooding.

These can quickly overflow and flood the streets and basements in the central areas of the a city. In an urban area, hurricanes can create an absolute nightmare for all parties that are involved in the process. The flooding can quickly build up in the buildings lower levels and severely damage the living spaces. If the water damage cleanup is not done effectively then mold may quickly develop.

The other major factor is that all of this moisture can create a mold problem in the properties that were affected by the flooding. Mold can quickly grow rapidly in areas that were affected by moisture in the home. Most properties are made up of wood-based materials, and this a prime breeding ground for mold. Mold adds another complexity to a situation that needs to be resolved by a specialty emergency restoration company.