Mold Growth After a Storm - Arizona Fire & Water Restoration, Inc.

Storms can cause constant problems for a property owner. One of the main problems that occur after a storm caused by the moisture in the area, and that problem is mold. There are strategies to help prevent mold damage from occurring after a storm.

Mold’s primary source of nutrients is both wood and moisture. With wood being a main component of many properties, this provides for a great area for mold to grow. Also, many individuals cannot keep up with the regular maintenance of a home, or the home has been damaged by storms, which creates holes that can let moisture and mold in. A common place where mold may be found is the attic or basement of a home.

The attic area of a property can have a significant problem with mold after a storm. If the roof has holes, moisture can penetrate into that area and get trapped. The holes in the roof will cause mold spores latch on the struts of the roof, which they can use as sustenance.

A common area where mold frequently grows and thrives in a property is the basement. Mold grows wherever there is a presence of moisture and the ground surrounding a home is always saturated with moisture after a storm. As the moisture permeates through the walls of the building, it will attempt to find sources of nutrients such as wood base products that might be covering the concrete or mortar walls of the basement

Water damage mitigation if not done properly can create mold growth after a storm. If the property is not dried out completely, it can create a consistent mold problem. If a restoration company has not done the drying portion properly, then there is a high chance that mold may develop on the materials.

Mold growth is a constant risk if there is a storm. To have it removed, you need a specialty mold removal company come in to do the work. Trained crews can help in the removal of the difficult areas with care and precision to eliminate the harmful mold.