Phoenix Damage Dryout Services - Arizona Fire & Water Restoration, Inc.

Phoenix Damage Dryout Services

If your property sustains water damage, you can rely on our team at Arizona Fire Water Restoration, Inc. to assist you. We have been in business for more than 60 years and know what it takes to effectively dry out your structure. After all of the water has been properly extracted, we can immediately begin the structure drying process. Not only does dry-out and dehumidification reduce the cost of repairs, it reduces the potential of dangerous mold and decreases the overall drying time. Here at AzFW, we use a special method referred to as applied structure drying.

The benefits of using the applied drying process include the following:

Quicker drying time within three days
Non-destructive drying techniques
No carpet or pad replacement for most cases
Mold prevention throughout the entire process
Our staff members are highly trained and experienced to use very specialized equipment. You can count on us to show up and get the job done 24/7 . Call us today at (602) 814-0332 to get started!