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Tips for Sewage and Flood Damage

Prevent Hazardous Contamination

Any type of water infiltrating your home is cause for distress, but flood water or raw sewage can be even more catastrophic. This type of damage is hazardous to your health because the water may contain micro-organisms and bacteria that can quickly infect your property. This is especially dangerous to children and pets. At Arizona Fire Water Restoration, Inc., we have a number of tips that can help you avoid serious contamination.

When sewage or flood water has infiltrated your home, we recommend:

Immediately calling our team at AzFW for our services
Avoid contact with all surfaces and furnishings which are contaminated
Keep your children and pets out of the contaminated areas
Do no rely on store-bought products to de-contaminate your property
We offer Phoenix damage restoration services and would be happy to provide more tips regarding sewage and floods. If you would like more information, please give us a call now at (602) 814-0332!