Tips For Water Damage - Arizona Fire & Water Restoration, Inc.

Before walking into an affected area:
Turn off the power
Attempt to locate the source of water and shut it off, if possible.
Use caution when walking on the wet floors

Once the area has been secured:
Remove as much water as possible
Wipe furnisher dry.
Lift any Window treatments off carpet, loop through a non-metal coat hanger and hang on drapery rod.
Remove wet area rugs on other floor coverings
Move photos, paintings and art to a safe, dry area
Open furniture drawers, closet doors and luggage to enhance drying.
Remove damp books from shelves and spread out to dry

Important DO NOT’S with Water Damage:
Never use an ordinary household vacuum to remove water.
Never use electrical appliances while on wet floors
Never go into rooms with standing water if the electricity is on.