What Are the Signs of Water Damage? - Arizona Fire & Water Restoration, Inc.

1986945[1]Not all water damage near Phoenix occurs due to a flooded house; sometimes it comes from leaky pipes, and it can even come from the aftermath of a fire. The more you know about how to identify water damage, the quicker you can find the damage in your home and call a water damage cleanup crew. You might notice weak floorboards, stains on your ceilings, or even strange scents and noises. Continue on if you would like to learn about the signs of water damage.

Crumbling and Buckling

Water damage can have a substantial impact on the structural integrity of your home and workplace, making it an issue that deserves your immediate attention. If you suspect that your space might be suffering from water damage, take a walk around. Look for signs of crumbling near your molding, windows, or baseboards. Crumbling or rotting could be occurring due to water damage. You should also beware of floors and walls that seem to have lost sturdiness. Floorboards that buckle as you walk over them may indicate the presence of water damage, and walls may give way to light pressure. These signs suggest that the wood or drywall has absorbed moisture, perhaps from a flood or a plumbing leak.

Visible Stains

If you happen to come across stains or discoloration in your walls or ceilings, you are probably dealing with some sort of water damage. A visible stain is one of the more conspicuous indicators of water damage, so you should call a water damage repair service as soon as you notice one. The stain may be due to a leak in your roof, faulty plumbing, or other water infiltration. Always find the source of the problem before worrying about the stain itself.

Smells and Sounds

Certain smells and sounds can tip you off to the presence of water damage. Mold and mildew have a noticeable aroma, and moisture helps them grow. If you suspect you have a leak but are unsure where it might be, consider turning off your appliances, walking around your house or workplace, and listening for running w