Can a flooded home be saved?


Can a flooded home be saved?

Can a flooded home be saved?

Few disasters are as inconvenient and costly as flood or water damage inside your home. The longer your house and the area around remains flooded, the more likely it is for your home’s structure or foundation to weaken, and even if the flood inside is only a few inches deep, the damage it can cost you tens of thousands of dollars,especially if you don’t have special flood damage insurance coverage.

Can a flooded home be saved? Fortunately, the answer to that is a resounding yes. No matter how bleak things may seem, a flooded house can still be saved if you act immediately. Here are some useful tips on how to save a flooded house so you and your family can still live in it for years to come.

Call a flood damage restoration company

Calling in flood damage restoration specialists is pretty much the smartest thing to do when your house gets hit by a flood, especially when you have a flood insurance policy. Then again, even when you don’t have flood insurance, it still makes sense to ask for the help from the experts, as they are the only ones with experience, and equipment necessary to save your home from the extensive damage a flood causes and restore it to the way it was before disaster struck.

Be sure to document everything by taking photos and videos of the flood damage, so you’ll have something to present to your insurance company when you file your claim.

Flood damage cleanup

Once the remediation specialists arrive, they will immediately proceed with a flood damage cleanup. Time is of the essence when it comes to water damage, and that’s why they have to clean up right away.

They will make sure the power is turned off before they enter the area, then proceed to take out everything that the flood inundated, from furniture to carpets and rugs. They will pull out everything, even useless appliances, because they need to clear the entire flooded area to prepare to dry the home.

Remove the water, dry your home

Once the affected area is clear, they will start removing all the standing water inside your home. They will use water pumps, fans, mops, and other specialty equipment for this.

Once your house is dry, the flood restoration experts will then do what they do best: restoration and rebuilding. By the time they are done, your home is bound to look exactly the way it did before the flood happened.

So when your home gets hit by a flood, take a deep breath and think of it as a temporary setback. With timely action from you and the help of a flood damage remediation expert, you should be able to save your home and rebuild back to your satisfaction! Schedule an appointment today!