What You Need to Do After a House Fire


What You Need to Do After a House Fire

It’s an absolute downer to see your home getting consumed by flames, but all you can do is wait for the fire to end. Then again, you can already start making moves that will get you ready for what needs to be done once the flames are out. Whatever the end result of the fire, you can recover from it, and so will your home.

Some of the things you need to do after an Arizona house fire include:

Calling your insurance provider

It is not a requirement to have a home insurance policy, but it is recommended that you get one because a home fire repairs would come out of pocket. If you did have your home insured, then call your insurance company right away even while the fire is still raging.

Alerting your insurance provider as soon as possible allows you to be informed by them about what you need to do when filing your claim. The information you will get prepares you for the claims process, which could get a bit tricky if you don’t know how to go about it.

Typically, you will have to document the damage once the fire is out. Videos, photos, or both can help make your claim stronger. An inventory of the things that were destroyed in the fire would also help. The same goes for having receipts of your stuff that went up in flames.

Bringing in fire damage restoration specialists

A good portion of your home insurance claim will go to the cleanup, repair, and restoration of your home to the way it was before disaster struck. The only people who can do that, of course, would be fire damage restoration professionals.

Get in touch with them as soon as your home insurance claim is granted so you can start the whole fire damage restoration process right away. These restoration professionals have the skills, training, and equipment to restore your home to its former state in the quickest and most efficient way possible.

Removing the water before the pros arrive

Technically, a fire damage restoration team counts fire damage cleanup as one of its primary tasks. However, the water damage that your home will sustain after all the water that firefighters have dumped on it is going to make everything worse if you leave it unremoved for some time after the fire.

One of the things you can do then is to do a preliminary cleanup before the restoration pros get to your home. That way, you can mitigate the damage and give your home a much better chance of fully recovering from the fire.

If you have a Shop-Vac or can rent one, getting rid of the standing water should be easier. You can also do it manually with a dipper, mop, or a bucket if you have no access to a wet/dry vacuum cleaner. You will also have to keep the windows open during all this to let all the moisture, as well as the smell of smoke, funnel out of the house.