What Happens If Fire Restoration Is Not Done Right Away?


What Happens If Fire Restoration Is Not Done Right Away?

A fire is one of the most damaging disasters that could ever befall any property. In many cases, it completely burns everything to the ground. Some, however, are fortunate enough to suffer only partial damage, often because of the timely arrival of firefighters who do their job well.

However, just because your building didn’t burn to a cinder doesn’t mean it’s not going to suffer any more damage once the flames have been extinguished. On the contrary, your property is likely to sustain much more severe damage, especially when fire restoration is not done right away.

What we all should remember is that when a fire hits our home or place of business and the firefighters finally got their job done restoration must follow immediately to prevent any more damage.

Why is there a need for restoration and what is being done about it?

Unless you no longer care about your burned-down property, you have to get a restoration done if you still want to use it again or sell it in the future. You have to call a professional fire damage restoration company promptly because delaying it will only lead to further damage.

When a building gets hit by a fire, any damage its areas suffered while the flames were still raging will only get worse within hours after they have been put out. Fire and smoke damage will certainly affect porous hard surfaces. Hard flooring may suffer from water damage as well. Painted walls will be bubbled or blistered and turn yellowish. Metallic parts of the building will also start to rust and corrode.

We must also keep in mind that fire also produces soot, which also happens to be acidic. Soot easily travels through the air and settles on surfaces inside the building, including parts that weren’t directly affected by the flames. The longer the surfaces are exposed to it, the more permanent damage to them becomes. If allowed to remain in the building for more than a couple of days, it will quickly eat away at surviving materials, like glass, metal, and drywall.

Immediate fire restoration can still salvage these surfaces. By bringing in fire restoration technicians to act quickly, you should be able to clean them, remove any discoloration, and prevent staining from acidic soot. But if you delay it for whatever reason, you may have no other choice but to remove and totally replace the affected parts, resulting in much higher repair costs.

As long as it’s performed straight away and done right restoration efforts should be able to save a significant portion of any building that was hit by a fire. So the moment you learn that your property is on fire, waste no time in contacting a reputable fire damage restoration company. Its fire restoration technicians have the skills, equipment, and experience necessary to make sure that no further damage will come to your home or place of business once the flames have died down.

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